Release interpretation document for ISO 22000:2018

Release interpretation document for ISO 22000:2018

Through a collaboration between KTBA, FSSC Foundation, and Précon, an interpretation document was developed for ISO 22000:2018. This document is used worldwide for gaining a better understanding of the standards requirements. This document provides more insight in two major changes of the standard: the ‘High Level Structure’ (HLS) and the determination of control measures (CCP and OPRP).

In June 2018, the ISO 22000:2018 was released. Some key changes have been made in this document: the HLS and the determination of the CCP and the OPRP. Mérieux Nutrisciences noticed there were many questions about these changes which led to the idea of creating a guideline. This guideline offers practical advice and a detailed decision tree which makes it easier to interpret the ISO-standard. As a result, the whole sector will follow one procedure for HACCP.

This cooperation leads to more clarity which results in an improved food safety assurance.

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