Quality Assurance

Through knowledge of quality,
which leads to results and success!

Quality Assurance

Thorough knowledge of quality,
which leads to results and success!

Achieving quality objectives requires experience and a far-sighted approach. It is important that you make the correct decisions to face the future with confidence as an organisation.

How we help organizations

Strategic advice at any level desired

Do you need good advice? Mérieux Nutrisciences thinks along with your organisation: as a sparring partner or coach for the QA Manager, to thus achieve the quality objectives together, as well as a strategic partner at the management level, in order to allow your organisation to develop in the right direction.

The best temporary solution, a specialist for any project

It is often a challenge for food companies to acquire and retain all necessary knowledge and disciplines in the area of quality management and food safety. Mérieux Nutrisciences can support you with a specialist when there is a temporary need for a Quality Manager or Project Specialist as a result of a capacity problem.

Outsourcing quality assurance

With the outsourcing possibilities Mérieux Nutrisciences offers, every need for support for the quality department is met. As a result, you can outsource the quality care of your organisation completely or partly, and remain continually assured of a high-quality certified system.

Business Assurance is the new Quality Assurance

The task area of the QA Manager is expanding and is referred to as Business Assurance (BA). The reputation of the company and the management of all operational risks which must guarantee the continuity of the organisation are monitored.

Advice and implementation

FSMA: does your Company already meet requirements?

It’s important for companies to understand what changes the new laws and regulations of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) entail. The FSMA sets many new requirements which apply to the whole chain.

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